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Emotions ran high on February 9, 2019, as students filled the auditorium in their gorgeous outfits for Batch 2019’s farewell.

The ceremony opened with a simulation of a flight announcement to keep up with the central theme of “Viman”, showcasing the seniors’ journey through the three years in college. Throughout the entire show students from Batch 2020 gave the farewell to their seniors mimicking their seniors, to align with the theme of Batch of 2019 giving farewell to themselves. This innovative theme caught everyone off-guard and received hearty laughs.

The event saw ‘The 3 Years Challenge’, in which images of some students from when they started their journey in SCMC alongside their present ones. A very warm Yearbook video, which consisted of many happy moments, followed. The professors then arrived and wished the students the very best for their futures.

To brighten up everyone in attendance, 2020 had organized a unique award ceremony for their seniors modelled after their beloved shop- The Hiras of 2019. The highlight was the farewell special edition of Shipwreck. Rujuta and Anish pretended to be their batchmates Simran and Pranav respectively and attempted to convince the jury- which comprised of 2020 students mimicking the OG jury of Shipwreck- to take them on the ship. The original jury of Shipwreck - Aroush, Armaan and Ankita were also invited on stage to be themselves and convince the jury.

The Farewell also witnessed some amazing confessions, with one of them resulting in Ansh and Raj dancing to romantic numbers on the stage and delighting the crowd. Shreevar then thanked the batch for some amazing experiences and memories together and also declared the Batch of 2020 the best juniors ever, saying that he’d miss them as much as he would miss Batch 2019.

The cultural event started with Batch 2020 dedicating an emotional acapella number to the batch of 2019, followed by dancing to some peppy tracks. The seniors soon joined in the revelry, before a movie that articulated the tender moments from the farewell itself was screened. A batch photograph was taken for the last time before the mementoes were distributed.

One could not have asked for a better ‘SymBYEsis’ after three years of Symbiosis.

Anushka Ghadigaonkar (Batch 2021)

Parth Rahatekar (Batch 2020)

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