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Star Alumni opens SCMC minds to Business Journalism

Debasis Basak, star alumni of the SIMC batch took a guest lecture for the Mass Communication batch of 2021; introducing them to the world of Business Journalism. With more than a decade of experience in the field and heading the Kolkata Bureau of News Rise, Mr. Basak addressed the eager students in online sessions on the 14th and 15th of July.

The first day, he broke the ice by explaining the structure of the institutions which revolve around Business Journalism. Mr. Basak explained in detail the career opportunities and the work the students can expect in this field. Conventionally one would expect such a field to be open only for Journalism students, but Mr. Basak spoke in detail about the scope for Audio-Visual students too. 

In his second lecture, Mr. Basak opened up the world of Finance and Business to the media students. He explained the common jargon generally used and clarified that it only takes a curious and dedicated mind to become a business journalist. The students participated in an article writing exercise under the expert guidance of Mr. Basak. He gave examples on how to find stories by going through announcements and press releases by the government or corporates.

- Abhinav Singh 

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