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Batch 2020 Alumna Aditi Parida secures 1st Rank in CDS (II) Examination

Hard work is always considered to be the baseline of the greatest achievements in the world. It’s the only way to the top and the greatest advantage against any other. Very proudly, one of our Alumni from the graduating batch of 2020, Aditi Parida secured the first rank in the Combined Defense Services (II) Examination- 2019 for the Officer Training Academy (Women).

A total of 67 applicants cleared the examination and interviews where Aditi bagged the leading position with all her dedication and conscientiousness.

In conversation with Aditi, she perceived SCMC to be a gateway for her to not only meet people from a variety of backgrounds but also get accustomed to the multitude of situations and tasks. Quoting Aditi- ‘The three years that I spent here have made me a better person, and only helped me understand myself better. I have made memories that will last a lifetime, and I’m grateful for everything the college has offered.’ 

There are many roadblocks that everyone faces in their journey. Life doesn’t come across as easy. For Aditi, motivation to get through it is derived from the littlest things around her. There are tiny reminders that can make you go a long way in driving one to reach their aims.

After she had cleared the written, her next step was most certainly going to be the Service Selection Board (SSB). She had prepared a month before she arrived in Bangalore for the same. When asked about her preparation process, she said, “I took the advice of various reputed interviewers and psychologists to help prepare for the various kind of tests that are administered. Along with this, I made sure to diligently work on my physical ability for which I had an exercise regime. My family, friends, and teachers were helpful throughout this process as well!” 

For now, she is extremely overwhelmed and is still processing the result. She is beyond ecstatic and cannot wait to start her training at the Officer Training Academy, Chennai.

When one has the commitment and drive to achieve their dreams, no force in the universe that can act as a barrier. Truly said, hard work and perseverance always pave the way and carry the person to their destination. 

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