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Hannah Singh Writes for the Asian Chronicle

Hannah Singh, from SCMC batch of 2023, has written an article which was published in the Asian Chronicle in their June edition, Volume VI. In the article, called “5 Ways to Stay Self-Motivated,” Hannah writes about key habits to motivate us to put our goals into action.

The Asian Chronicle is a Faridabad-based publication house which garners a popular reader base of over 3 lakhs within the NCR region. Featuring writers over their e-magazine, print tabloid, and website, the Asian Chronicle writes about relevant and trending topics that span social issues, politics, lifestyle, and much more. This article is Hannah’s second feature. She earlier wrote an article called “Unveiling Rainbows” for Pride Month, which urged readers to spread love, acceptance, and harmony.

Hannah has taken to writing recently, especially after the pandemic, and she is thoroughly enjoying it! She enjoys writing about topics spanning lifestyle, health, and self-development, and hopes to write about beauty and travel soon. Hannah describes her writing style as “personal,” as she aims to write about relatable, simple articles which help both herself and the readers.

When asked about what she is most looking forward to from her work with the Asian Chronicle, Hannah mentioned that she wants to “explore new topics and areas of interest” and “develop her writing skills, article by article” by implementing her seniors’ and editor’s feedback.

SCMC is proud of Hannah for her work with the Asian Chronicle, and wishes her all the best for her writing journey ahead!

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