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Research Writing Workshop at SCMC

Symbiosis Centre For Media and Communication organized a Research Writing Workshop for the students of Batch 2021 and Batch 2022 on 18th and 19th January 2021. This workshop, conducted by Dr Baidurya Chakrabarti was meant to prepare students for the challenge of producing their own research writing. Research writing is often a poorly understood skill and needs time and commitment to master and thus the workshop attempted to demystify the process of Research Writing.

The workshop started with a pre-requisite exercise to understand the participant’s perception of research and initiating them into reading academic literature. Spanning over two days, the workshop covered topics like Academic Writing as a Genre (Annotated Bibliography), Opinion and Claim, annotating for meaning/Annotating for function, Summary, Paraphrase, Description & Analysis, Befriending the Body Paragraphs, Free Writing/Free Thinking, Quotes as Evidence, Interview/Field Work/Data as Evidence, Using Style Guides, Writing Introduction and Writing Conclusion. The workshop was attended by 29 students who chose to write research papers in lieu of industry internship.

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