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Alumni Cell’s Symcalico celebrates 10 years of SCMC

The annual alumni meet, titled Symcalico, was held on the 2nd of February, 2019. The theme for this year’s event was to celebrate the 10 years of SCMC and so, Symcalico brought past students of these 10 years together for a memorable evening.

Varun (class of 2011) and Nandan (class of 2012) were the first people to arrive on the scene. More followed, setting the stage for some fond traveling down memory lane. Stories, anecdotes and jokes filled the air as those present provided a picture of how college functioned “back in their day”. Highlights ranged from how Prof. Vidyabhushan Arya ran with the alias “Veebs”, to the time when 17 students tried fitting into the college elevator.

It was Prof. Arya's class all over again as two attendees interrupted the recounting of a disastrous field trip to engage him in a discussion about the current state of national affairs. When that was over, all present piled onto buses for a nostalgic trip around Viman Nagar, visiting favourite haunts like Phoenix Market City and Datta Mandir Chowk. Returning to campus, alumni and staff bonded together against the students to play Pictionary and Housie.

The evening was then brought to a close with dinner, amicable conversations, and a large three-tiered cake. The curtain fell with students, staff and alumni taking photos and making merry, all in the spirit of Symcalico.

Abhinav (Batch 2021)

Aditya Khound (Batch 2020)

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