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Our core faculty are experts in their subjects and have several years of industry, academic and research experience between them. Learning and skilling is a continuous process at SIU, which organizes Faculty Development Programmes on a regular basis, introducing our teachers to new knowledge, concepts and technologies that help them stay up-to-date. At SCMC, we strongly encourage our faculty to take up active research in the media and communication domain, publish papers and participate in national and international conferences.

Dr. Sunil Belladi

Assistant Professor

Dr. Baidurya Chakrabarti

Assistant Professor

Dr. Aviini Ashikho

Assistant Professor

Dr Sagar Gokhale

Assistant Professor

Vidyabhushan Arya

Assistant Professor

Liji Ravindran

Assistant Professor

Juhi Rajwani

Assistant Professor

Kabir Upmanyu

Assistant Professor

Amitabh Dasgupta

Teaching Associate

Manish Hingorani

Teaching Associate

Rugved Khante

Teaching Associate

Nishita Jain

Teaching Assistant

Chandrashekhar Sagade

Adjunct Faculty

Kavitha Iyer

Adjunct Faculty

Jaideep Kumar

Adjunct Faculty

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In addition, students at SCMC get deep insights into the media in the real world through guest sessions by highly experienced professionals working in newspapers, television, magazines, radio, advertising, PR, films, entertainment industry, government departments and voluntary organizations.

Megha Mhaske

Sr. Superintendent

Chandrasekher M M


Sandeep Bombe

Lab. Instructor

Hemant Ubale


Gangaram Mate

Library in-charge

Sanjay Lokare

Supervisor (Accounts)

Dipak Korade

Supervisor (Exam)

Kalyan Shitre

Sr. Tech. Editor

Ganesh Bhegade

IT Support

Raghavendra Patki


Vishal Jokare

P.A. To Director

Rahul Tandale


Vijay Jadhav


Kanchan Thade


Shivangee Jatale


Kavita Puri

Sr. Co-ordinator

Shilpa Daniel

Sr. Co-ordinator

Swapnil Yadav

Assistant Coordinator

Poonam Koli

Sr. Office Assistant

Sachin Gade

Office Assistant

Bharat Jadhav

Library Assistant

Priyanka Patil

Office Assistant

Sham Thopate

Library Attendant

Machindra Bahirat

Sr.Office Attendant

Avinash Mahadik

Sr.Office Attendant

Hiraman Londhe

Sr. Office Attendant

Shivkrushna Walmiki

Sr. Office Attendant

Santosh Gulave

Sr. Office Attendant

Vikram Satav

Office Attendant

Ashok Lohar

Driver Cum Attendant

Student Council 2022-23

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SCMC graduates are making their mark across the industry today. We have an Alumni Relations Cell (ARC) which keeps the SCMC family close and connected.

The ARC facilitates the annual Alumni Meet, the Alumni newsletter and many other forums to promote interactivity and keep their time at SCMC alive in their memories.

If you are an SCMC alumnus, we would love to stay in touch with you. Please fill the form below so you may receive information from us regarding alumni meets, newsletters, and mentorship and other outreach activities.

The personal and employment data submitted in the form will be kept strictly confidential and will not be shared with third parties. It is solely for the purpose of updating our database, building alumni connects and to evaluate the contribution of our students to the industry.

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